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  • Creativity, innovation and imagination will be the key to the future of economic prosperity of black nations and other developing countries. Interestingly, thriving public/private university systems are associated with stronger economies and higher standards of living on a local, national and global scales.

    There are countless number of major universities across the world supporting creative innovations, national wealth, economic growth, business expansion, shared prosperity, poverty eradication, well educated workforce, improved health care / educational / smart city systems; human capital / infrastructural development; and sustainable food/energy supply chains (MIT, HARVARD, STANFORD, CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, UCL, etc.). From their inception, the mission of these universities is to encourage firms formation from a academic knowledge and breakthrough results. For example, MIT functions as incubator for many firms while Stanford University played important role in sustaining the survival and flourishing of technology enterprise now known as silicon valley. There are many other examples too numerous to be listed herein.

    The universities in black nations need to develop strong mental capacities to create solutions to multitude of daunting challenges confronting African nations. Such solutions will provide opportunities and potentials for creating great societies in which national wealth can be used for more than personal enrichment but instead it is used to produce a new generation pioneers, elevate quality of life and advance shared prosperity. The university systems in black nations are overtly or covertly culpable in propagating reduction in cognitive activities due to their inability to foster creativity, innovations and imagination. The current academic curricula and research frameworks cannot meet the special needs of societies in black nations. The universities in black nations need to bridge the gaps between multiple disciplines in order to equip prospective graduates with the right creative innovation and imagination skillsets to solve some world's problem. The world's problems have become so complex that they cannot be solved with one professor from one discipline from one university any more.

    With technology advancing at a rapid rate, technologies have become commoditized by China, India and other developed countries. Economic value is no longer based on leadership in science and engineering technology alone but from the powers of creativity, innovation and imagination. According to Apple's evidence regarding their "apple ipod" the company never invented the MP3 music player. Apple took an existing product and applied ingenious design cum business innovation. The result is a multi-billion dollar boost in new revenue. The key to this breakthrough results was not just technology but more of creativity and innovation. By applying the aforementioned model in the context of solving real world problems under industry-university partnerships, enormous research and development funds can be raised without the current total dependency on government(s). This is the case across the globe, universities in black nations cannot be an exemption to the general norms.

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    A deep university education reform harnessing the use of key cutting-edge technologies and radical reform principles will set the black nations on the path to sustainable development and economic growth. The KEY REFORM PRINCIPLES must focus on strategic partnerships with successful universities; world-class research and breakthrough results; creative innovation & imagination; industry-university collaboration; entrepreneurship and firm formation; passion for meritocracy; improved mental competencies and cognitive activities; smart school systems and education analytics; practice-oriented curricula & advanced professional education; growing human capital and productive capacities of educated workforce; efficiency and productivity; accountability & transparency.

    A nation's greatness truly depends on the quality of its educational systems. Let make our university systems great again by being diligent - conscientiously doing right things that help meet/exceed the needs of black nations, doing what is required to gain competitive edge, improving meritocracy and intellectual depths, developing nothing is impossible mindsets, never giving up, refusing to accept defeat, etc.

    Yes we can!!!
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Senai B2019-07-14
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Senai B2019-07-14
This is my comment