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  • Corruption and Magu
  • With tsunami of corruption related cases handled in recent years by the anti-graft agency,one cannot but expect a result,the type of which we see in the prosecution and eventual jailing away of two governors.

    As a matter of fact,the first four years of president Buhari would have been a colossal waste and a total disappointment to the electorate. This is mainly because,it is perceived that the 2015 vote that brought in the present administration is a vote of confidence in the ability of this current president to tackle corruption head-on,so-far it is obvious that he's not an economist or a kind of technocrat.

    Yet for over 3 years,people have wondered what is going on,until we see people of counterfeit substance begs judges for leniency and reduced jail sentence.We now see looters of common wealth saying adios to their friends and families right from the door of prison bound van,surrounded by gun toting hefty looking guards.

    Yep, we now see people heave a sigh of relief,what relief? Relief that their 2015 vote was never in vain and the dividend is now rolling in albeit in bits. /p>

    To the progressives,it is a shame that a country like Nigeria with all the human and natural capital will be held perpetually in the state it is.Corruption has made the society redundant.Local government could not embark on projects eg road construction as the chairman had stolen all in is custody. Even common petty cleaning,sweeping,community services jobs for local people is not available.

    local economy is stagnated as there is no money to spend in the local market,and even if you have,you tend to spend less as there is no guarantee for future spending.

    Pay a visit to an area you have seen twenty years ago and it will look like a war zone as it remain as rural as ever,no single developmental project has taken place since you have left.

    Pathetically enough, the creators of our misery displays some extraordinary traits quite synonymous of virtually all of them.

    Brazing flaunt of affluence by someone whose recent bank records show red and now suddenly buys cars and fleets of mansions popping up here and there.

    They become thin gods,sound and fell invincible as they control all the money and people now eats out of their pockets

    The governed now hopelessly go into praise-sing and worship them,they want to kill for them and do all kinds of eye servicing. Unemployed graduate lose status and focus for peanuts,turned to tools and weapons of destruction and political thuggery.

    The obfuscating meager made available to them by their political exploiter erodes them of their reality and unfortunately no rescue team in sight.

    Parents becomes confused,non comital and irresponsible to their kids development.The only priority is feeding,and for some it is total disillusionment.Once they are able to eat a plate of p-soup and two bottles of guilder.The rest is history.

    Children are in perpetual servitude ,slavery,street hawking and subject of potential kidnapping ,ritual killings and rape. Students becomes "yahoo boys" and prefer to dupe others as their is no more reward for hard work.

    workers take bribe for any jobs, no matter how petty it is,jobs that ought to complete within two weeks now take five months. Societal development activities is either on a snail like progress or totally redundant.

    All the aforementioned are the immediate offspring's of corruption.Now that we are here,the only choice for whoever is in charge of combating corruption in Nigeria is to tackle it fiercely and come out with a passmark.

    Although,something is really not clear about recent agitations by some set of people, wanting to remove the EFCC boss,Magu. Some senators are hell bent on making sure he gets the boot, exploiting the lope holes in the constitution potentially to get to their goals.President insisting he must stay. Magu, yet going on with his projects and now.

    For over four decades now that we have monitored corruption and corrupt practices in Nigeria, and have witnessed wanton looting of common resources.I have never seen a politician sentenced to such unbelievable jail term. I have never seen our demigod cry in the suspect cubicle like common criminals do.I have never seen governors weep for mercy from judges in clear few of the camera.

    As a consequence,if i intend to become a chairman of a local government,a governor ,a senator or hold any political post and my intention is to suddenly become a billionaire. And Alas,magu still remain the man in charge of putting thieves in jail, i will have to think twice and weigh my options carefully.

    Therefore,a question begs an answer:why should Magu go.

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Senai B2019-07-14
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