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  • When Pastors Lies
  • Poverty is a disease,it makes you vulnerable,do works you are not willing to do,heat foods you don't want to eat and a times become a co-conspirator in crimes.

    Poverty makes you listen to things you will not normally listen to.For instance, if by adventure you come across someone who preaches to you about some witches and wizards in your family trying to steal your glory or waiting for you to fail so they can celebrate,you will be able to either just ignore the sermon as a foolish talk from a drunk man or an insane idiot provided you are not poor enough not to be able to know your right from left.

    But when you are within the whims and caprices of a general overseer or an egocentric self styled psychotic pastor,it will take a strong conviction and will to imagine what your life will become without your pastor.Hence you tend to agree with whatever comes out of his mouth without recourse to second thought.

    Unfortunately,the level of poverty in Nigeria has made it quite easy for most pastors in to thrive,they live large on people's fear and poverty.

    In the last election,pastors come out boldly to give false prophesies,they become pundits overnight,pontificate about politicians and pledge allegiance depending on how favorably disposed a certain politician is to them.

    Some even go to the extent of stating announcing winners of elections categorically even when a single vote has not been cast.We all are living testimonies to such predictions or false prophecies.

    Let's face the fact,if you are a business man and you hire a business adviser to guide you to success on your business venture,but instead, his advise leads to catastrophic failure of such venture.If you are lucky enough to still exist as a business person,you will have no choice than to sack the adviser and perhaps go further to sue him for professional incompetence.Bad advice from people in vantage position is like a juicy drink mixed with snake oil.The more you consume the fatal it becomes.

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    It is high time Nigerians wake up to reality regardless of what you are facing in life.Once you are able to establish that a pastor seems fake enough by your own estimation,do not hesitate to sack him by fleeing his church.It is important for not only you but for your kids as-well.

    Important also is regulation from the people in authority.Corruption does not end in public places,therefore,fight against corruption should be extended to churches and other religious places by the economic and financial crimes commission.

    Information especially in the internet age spreads like wild fire,pastors have leveraged the internet to reach far and wide scamming their followers in the exact manner " yahoo yahoo" boys execute their operations.We do not even know who does scamming best between the two nowadays.

    The more reason why the eagle eye of law enforcement agencies should be on pastors spreading lies or false information.Arrest them and put them behind bars for lengthy periods for sanity sake

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Senai B2019-07-14
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