• I Don’t Want To Be President Of Nigeria – Aliko Dangote (Video)
  • Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote says he does not want to be the President of Nigeria.

    In an interview with The David Rubenstein Show, Dangote said he is doing a great job as a businessman and does not want to be involved in politics.

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    The business magnate believes his country can also be developed through leadership in business.

    “I think I am doing a great job where I am right now, so I dont think I need to be in a political space.

    “Some of us, we need to lead in in terms of the trajectory of developing Africa through the business, not through political leadership”.

    I did not inherit my wealth

    Touching on the source of his vast wealth, Dangote said although he was born into a wealthy family, he did not inherit his riches.

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    He said his late great grandfather was the wealthiest West African in the 1940s and his father was very rich.

    "...One thing that, I am very, very proud of is that I did not inherit any money from my father, I built everything from scratch till where I am".

    Dangote revealed that his father died when he was aged eight years.

    He said he gave everything he inherited from his father to charity.

    Watch the video below;