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  • Don't offer unsolicited advice to striking doctors as a Mr. Know all--Federal Government to Femi Falana

The federal government has taken a swipe at the Human Rights activist and Acting Chairman of the Alliance for Surviving COVID-19 and Beyond, ASCAB, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN,on his position in the on-going face off between resident doctors and the government.

Falana in his reaction,called on the federal government to meet doctors’ demands to pave way for the suspension of all hostilities. This did not go down well with labour and trade minister, Chris Ingige who in a swift reaction through his media office by Emmanuel Nzomiwu,accused Mr Falana of delving into a territory he knows little or nothing about.

“It is certain that Falana is not aware of the 12-point issue resolved at the 20th and 21st August meeting with the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) and their affiliates.

“ Asking striking doctors to continue the strike is an unpatriotic act against the people who bear the brunt of the strike, otherwise how can the acting chairman of the Alliance for Surviving of COVID-19 and Beyond(ASCABAN) an alliance professing to assist people survive this pandemic , advise striking doctors to continue a strike which has so far lasted 21 days and counting , in a period of national emergency .

“A patriotic advice to NARD would have been for them to seek for interpretation or clarification of the order if really there is need for that, after ceasing hostility (strike) forthwith, as directed by the National Industrial Court.

“Who are the victims of the abandonment of medical care? Who knows? May be some people in some local governments of Falana’s Ekiti State and possibly, the rural Anambra of Ngige,” the statement said.

posted 2021-08-27 01:30:33

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