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  • We can't risk Soludo-Group protest

Protesters on wednesday stormed the office of the national electoral commission in Anambra, barricaded the entrance demanding the exclusion of a governorship aspirant, Charles Soludo, from the Anambra State Governorship election scheduled for November 6.

They protesters carrying placards with various inscription demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of the former CBN governor for fraud and related offences.

‘It’s embarrassing we have to protest to keep a thief out of public office;’ ‘Anambra created by God, Soludo created by fraud;’ ‘APGA be careful with Soludo,’ and others.

Publicity Secretary of the group(Anambra Restoration Movement),Goodness Chioma, said the people of Anambra State could not risk having Soludo as their governor without accounting for his deeds as CBN governor.

Meanwhile,the Convener of Soludo Media Group, Pauly Onyeka said: “Since the emergence of Soludo as APGA candidate, serious unease and charged atmosphere have enveloped all the opponents’ camps for the simple reason that Daniel is out for judgment.

“He empowered hundreds of thousands of our youth especially during his headship of NEEDS. In all these exploits, he has never been found wanting despite the banana peels along his professional route. Branding one a fraudster to gain a mere political advantage does not make him one.”

posted 2021-09-02 05:41:37

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