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  • Yoruba group Afenifere says they would mobilize S-West for restructuring before 2023 polls

Pa Ayo Adebanjo, leader of Yoruba sociopolitical group Afenifere, yesterday, vowed to lead the Yoruba nation to demand restructuring of the country before the 2023 general elections.

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Adebanjo, in a state of the nation address titled: ‘Fixing Nigeria before the fall’ held in Lagos, lamented that the various geo-political zones have been set up for failure by opponents of restructuring, who he said are bleeding the country to death.

His words: “I have pondered Chief Awolowo’s words in his 1981 public letter to Alhaji Shagari, and I have found a part to be metaphysically intriguing, even though it has only served to deepen my alarm, such that I believe that I owe it to posterity to place my fears on the record; “the ship of state is fast approaching a huge rock and, unless you, as the chief helmsman, quickly rise to the occasion and courageously steer the ship away from its present course, it shall hit the rock, and the inescapable consequence will be an unspeakable disaster such as is rare in the annals of man.

“Buhari was to be that disastrous rock a few months after the warning. The problem with the rock this time is that the rock is the helmsman of the ship, and he would appear to be deliberately and intentionally steering the ship to its end.


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“Nigeria cobbled together by Decree 24, of 1999, yes, you get it. Fraudulently known as the 1999 Constitution is built on several lies, and the preservation of these lies, are predicated on several more lies. Buhari is unilaterally imposing another lie, on top of the original lies, and these lies, are what have assured the death of Nigeria. The Fulani Islamist agenda of the Buhari regime has found accommodation for each and every one of the public rebuttals of the lies of Nigeria.

“Confronted with repeated questions about the identity of the sponsors of terrorism, that were discovered by the intelligence services of one of the Gulf Arab countries, and the fact of the convictions of several Nigerian citizens by that country, the Buhari regime, was unequivocal in showing where its preferences and loyalties are.”

The Afenifere leader also tackled the Buhari administration over the treatment meted out to Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu.

He said: “But it is curious to note, that the same government, is quick to rush to the media, to declare the identities of those that it has declared to be the sponsors of Sunday Igboho, and Nnamdi Kanu., and the greatest victories of the Buhari regime, in its incestuous relationship with corruption, has been won in the media.

The speed with which it labels voices of dissent as terrorists, whilst ignoring and outrightly colluding with self-declared terrorists, renders the administration a proven accomplice to the terrorist network that is destroying the country.

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“Commodore Olawunmi is on record as saying that the security services had submitted a report to General Buhari since 2017 and that a list of the names of the major sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria is one of the several pieces of information in that file. He went further to affirm, that several of these positively identified terrorists and terrorist sponsors, are today sitting in the government at the highest level, and many more are serving senators and governors.

Calling on the Buhari administration to constitute a Government of National Unity to supervise the restructuring of the country, he said: “We are not anarchists, we are not secessionists, we are democrats. We recognize that there is a democratically elected president in Aso Rock. We are not asking for Buhari’s resignation, and since the National Assembly has not deemed it fit to impeach him, he remains the president of Nigeria until the 27th of May, 2023. But it is the considered position of Afenifere that he urgently constitutes a Government of National Unity, charged with the sole task of seeing to the restructuring of Nigeria, in consultation with the Nigerian peoples.

“The Buhari regime has no plans for any elections in 2023, and this statement is not a difficult proposition to establish, once the parties to the debate, are fully seized, of their faculties. Anambra should be useful in establishing this obvious fact.

“Let it be heard loud and clear; Afenifere shall be leading the Yoruba nation to demand substantial restructuring before any fraudulent elections might be held in 2023, and the response of the Buhari’s regime to these equitable demands for restructuring the country along federalist lines, in order to restore it to its roots and original agreements, shall go a long way in shaping the position of the Yoruba people in the future, but let it be heard loud and clear; Nigeria is not only negotiable, it is evidently dying.”

Other Afenifere leaders present at the press conference are former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Senator Kofoworola Akerele-Bucknor; Afenifere Deputy Leader, Oba Olaitan Oladipo; Dr. Amos Akingba, Mr. Sola Ebiseni, and Mr. Jare Ajayi among others.

Hammed Zubair

posted 2021-11-12 07:21:44

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