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Pristine network is a platform for Nigerians by a Nigerian specially for various activities.Below,you will find the prices for various services and a link to others

The prices are negotiable depending on what you want,so don't hesitate to talk to us or watsapp using the company number 07025000016

Prices of events

Pre Event Interview:#20k


Total Price:#100k

You will get a copy of the event cd and the video will be permanent on our video page.

Your event will be viewed by at least 10k viewers within a month of postage to our video page on facebook

follow us on facebook to see likes and comments by various viewers of your events

Click here to book for your events

Others Below

Call 0702500016 for various banner ads prices

Your video will appear on our video page where people can view it, we will need your brand or company logo/poster.The poster will be embedded on news page so people reading news can see it and click on it, this will bring them to the video page where they can watch, we have several pages also where the poster ll be placed for maximum benefit. You will see the number of views on the video page itself, we will share a link to your video or poster on our facebook page depending on the arrangement with pristine network.

In a nutshell,there are several services that can be customised to suit your ads need at very reasonable prices,please call us for more info

Note:twitter is temporarily out for now.

The site itself is constantly being advertised for unique viewers everyday and this affects all content on the site positively. You can stop your ads any time you wish.

Banners for company ads or brand awareness

Banners/company posters are embedded in between news,on several pages.All prices for various banners can be viewed here